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I’m Claudiu Presecan an artist based in Cluj, and from time to time I put on my blogs some toughts and news I found constructive for other emerging artists from all over the world. I was born in Cluj in ‘69, my father, Augustin, was a well-known and appreciated architect, unfortunately he died at a young age, 45. At age of 8, I remained with my mother, Margareta, and Patricia, my sister, both of them ballet-dancers. I began to love painting, nature, walks in countryside, fresh-air and the inner beauty of things became very attractive to me…having nothing else in my head than colors, vivid colors – yellow, blue, green… During my art studies, in ‘89 there was a big change and chance which we called “The Romanian revolution”, but for most of us it was a big lie, my hopes never came true. I could say now that I was too idealistic. Anyway, this change was very important for my art career, as I met the German artist J. Georg Dokoupil (Czech born) in Amsterdam, who opened my eyes to a new view of the contemporary art and trends. I started to paint in a new manner, more accurate I could say, as well as fresh. And here I am sharing my story with you, with hopes of sharing some practice and art theories, what do you think? I am sure we will have a good time on this web log. Welcome!

“From Behind the Veil”

In Claudiu Presecan’s recent series of paintings and drawings, Path over The Water, his investigation into how gesture is translated into visual imagery continues. Using a variety of methods of applying pigments—pouring, dripping, smearing, dropping, erasing—this series walks an edge between figuration and abstraction. Inspired by the vast Danube Delta which transverses his native Romania with its lagoons, reeds, hidden recesses, and isolated villages this art speaks to movement, change and, in a poetic way, to continuity. This work does not, however, portray a specific landscape; rather it speaks to an experience that transcends place and time.

During the communist regime in Romania, which ended in 1989, reeds from the delta were extensively, and determinately, harvested with the goal of transforming the delta into a large agro-industrial zone. The reed, in Presecan’s previous series, Traces of Water, is a symbol of the individual, freedom, and resistance, essentially a life force that perseveres. In his current work, the imagery of the reed becomes more and more abstracted leaving in its wake a trace, a quivering, of its being. Movement replaces figuration and form occupies space much as dancers move through their bodies as they alter, momentarily, their surroundings. For Presecan landscape is, in ways, a metaphor for inner psychological and spiritual states that are given structure and certain permanence through the physicality of painting.

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